Our roots

Tenet Financial Services is part of Tenet, one of the largest adviser groups in the UK. Tenet was formed over 25 years ago and provides ongoing training and guidance to ensure the advice we provide is both fair and suitable for our clients’ needs. Tenet is ultimately responsible for the advice we provide. To find out more about Tenet, please visit www.tenetgroup.co.uk.

So, if you’re looking for quality mortgage advice that enables you to sleep at night knowing you have a sound and secure financial plan in place, you’ve come to the right place.

Rest assured, no matter your stage in life, your finances are in safe hands with Tenet Financial Services.


Our approach

The process – what happens next?

All our advisers have been trained to a high level and will provide tailored advice to meet your specific mortgage and protection needs. We will then undertake research in order to provide a personal recommendation and other information relevant to your individual circumstances. If, after due consideration you would like to accept any or all of our recommendation(s), we will then implement them and arrange any products and/or related services on your behalf.

Everything in the recommendations will be explained in plain English, including our charges. You’re also welcome to invite a trusted friend or family member into the discussion should you wish for your own peace of mind.


How much does our advice cost?

Our charging structure is based on the level of service you require. Once we’ve assessed your current circumstances and objectives, we’ll fully explain the basis of our charges before any chargeable work is carried out. Fees may be subject to VAT but we’ll advise you whether or not this is the case.

For establishing your mortgage needs, undertaking research and making a recommendation, we charge a fixed fee which will be discussed with you on your first appointment. If you choose to proceed with our recommendation, we will also be paid commission for arranging the mortgage and protection policies on your behalf.

Want to know more?

To find out more, please call us on 0333 222 4483 or email us at enquiries@tenetfs.co.uk